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Frequently asked questions and concerns…

Should I hire a design professional to help me with my project even though I know what I want because I saw it on Houzz?

Consider a professional designer as the third leg of the stool; you have the contractor, homeowner and designer. A professional designer can interpret the vision you have for your home. Contractors are going to ask for details. A professional designer can provide those details and help streamline the process.

How do I find the right designer?

It’s just like trying to find the right contractor. Every designer will have their particular “zone of genius”.  Some may be good at interior furnishings, others may specialize in kitchen and bath design, some may be architects focusing on interiors. Because you will be working with them over an extended period of time it’s important to find the right fit for your personality and your project. A seasoned professional designer will make the project about you and not about them. In other words, they should be helping you with your vision - not imposing their personal vision of what they think you should have.

How much do you charge?

Here is my philosophy; every project is as unique as the homeowner and their expectations. So, my services should adapt to the project requirements and the homeowners needs. I use a “Menu of Services” for each project customizing my skills for the homeowners and contractors expectations.  I offer a complementary initial consultation, this is best when the conversation is in the home. From that meeting I develop a proposal on how we can work together.

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