Vashon Island & Seattle area Design


full-service design

for those considering a remodel or renovation

Our design process includes a Menu of Services such as these tasks typical to most design projects:

  • Interior space planning

  • Kitchen & bath design

  • Cabinetry finish & style selection

  • Counter selection & details

  • Decorative hardware & supply

  • Plumbing fixture & appliance selection

  • Finishes such as tile, paint and flooring selection

  • Construction Drawings such as Floor Plans, Mechanical Plans, Interior Elevations

  • 3D Perspectives

  • Cabinet Installation and job progress administration

We use this trusture to establish fixed fees based on the homeowners need and expectations, the Contractor performing the work, and the overall project scope. This format allows us to calculate a fee and payment schedule based on benchmarks of completion in the project.

Cabinets, Hardware & Tile

for those seeking quality products for their kitchen & baths

How I work on projects

For those considering a design project

It’s a three legged stool. You, me and the contractor. It’s going to be fun at first then your home will be turned upside down. There are thousands of articles and blogs on how to survive this. Here are my top words of wisdom;

  • You each get a non-negotiable from your wish list. Everything else becomes a compromise.

  • Have some additional funds for the surprises and the “OMG – I must have that!” moment. After the investment, both emotionally and financially, in the project you should not have the “I wish we had done that” moment at completion.

  • Be prepared to make decisions and commit to them. If you have uncertainty about anything - you need to say so before the hammers start swinging. Fixing things after the fact is just flat out painful for everyone involved.

  • Humans are involved. Unforeseen issues will occur in the construction calendar, delays due to product not being available, quality issues etc etc etc.